Wesley Paris

Wesley Paris is a singer, born from a French mother and a Haitian father.

He met the first years of his life in Paris, France, the beautiful city of lights where he was rocked by french music.  He inherited his passion for music from his family and started practicing the art of music in a small french choir.

At the age of six, Wesley Paris left France and moved to Ottawa, Canada, where he lived most of his childhood life. There, he got the chance to discover the north american culture, music and singers.

At the age of fourteen, as he came back in Europe to live in Brussels, Belgium, Wesley Paris started to get more seriously implicated in music.  He taught himself to play guitar and really set his mind on becoming a complete musician.

At sixteen, Wesley Paris competed in the TV-show contest “The Voice”, where he joined the team of well known singer Natasha St-Pier and reached the quarter-finals. After this experience which provided him with some mediatic exposure and confirmed his willing to make a career in show-business, he started to learn piano and songwriting.

Wesley Paris anchors his music around the different cultures and influences he encountered : north american music, brit pop, french variety, … He appreciates the work from retro crooners like Johnny Mathis and Nat King Cole, as well as from more recent artists like Michael Jackson, Bruno Mars, Ben l’Oncle Soul, …

In parallel to his career, Wesley Paris is currently taking science courses at university. With a recognizable vocal signature, Wesley Paris is capable of transmitting emotions to his audience.  His musical universe is mainly pop-rock with soul and country influences.

Wesley’s debut single, ‘A Better Me’, has been released on October 22, 2014.

Version: French